04 Oct 2015

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Wedding party is important part of your wedding. There are different aspects of wedding ceremony that need to address properly to make this event a special one. When you start planning your wedding ceremony, the first thing to do is decide what type of wedding ceremony you opt for. Here are our eight major considerations for a wedding party;

– Gift Registry Table
– Photo Backdrop
– The Bride and Groom Photo Gallery
– Wedding Entertainment; Music, Show etc.
– Food & Drink
– The Wedding Highlight; Cake Cutting Ceremony, Champaign Toast etc.
– Wedding Reception Decoration
– Special Event

As this is a most special day of everyone’s life, each of us wants wedding ceremony to be unique and memorable. With proper planning and execution, you can make your wedding ceremony a memorable event which you will remember rest of your life. Of course we will be on the scene on your big day to ensure that everything works out as it was planned.
Let Chor Muang help you with your wedding planning. Create your budget and send us the following information at Sales@chormuangcm.com or call 085-0324939.  

Planning Basics;
1. Number of Guests / Place to Host Your Wedding
2. Reception Ideas
3. Choosing colors or picking a theme
4. Reception Ideas
5. Wedding Music and Wedding Songs
6. Wedding Budget

We will help you plan the wedding of your dreams according to your taste, style, and budget.

The party food options are wide open for your marriage celebration. You may also decide to go with a theme for your wedding and then you will want to serve food that complements your theme. Here are some suggestions for types of receptions.

Cocktail Party

The cocktail party is a social gathering. It may take place in the home, in a food-service setting such as the private room of a restaurant or hotel, or outdoor poolside. Alcohol drinks and non-alcohol drinks are served. In any case, beverages are accompanied by finger foods, which are meant to delight the palate and complement the cocktails. Servers may be employed to pass around hors d’oeuvres or the host may simply pass them around or arrange them on a buffet. Normally, guests are not seated, but remain standing. Friends catch up or become reacquainted; new friends are introduced.




Chinese Banquet 

Banquets are usually held in restaurants in private rooms that have been reserved for the purpose, guests are generally seated at round tables, with between 8-10 guests at each table. Since the tables are round, each guest is an equal distance from the food. Seating arrangements are based on rank. This is another reason why you should give your host a list of delegation members and their rank. Guests should never assume that they may sit where they please and should wait for hosts to guide them to their places.

Buffer Party

A buffet party is a party at which food and drink are set out on a table and guests help themselves. It is a popular method for feeding a large number of people with minimal staff. Sideboards are also known as buffets as they may be used to offer the dishes of a buffet meal to guests. It is widely thought that in general the quality of foods at buffets is not on the level of an average “sit down” dinner. Buffet party provides a nice chance to get to know new people.

Food Fair Wedding Party

The food fair wedding party is outstanding for the freshly made food at each booth. This kind of party is usually designed to match the concept of the wedding, such as a temple fair or retro-style market. Akin to a cocktail party with no formal dining tables provided, guests walk around taking snacks and drinks from the many booths. An example of the foods served are: sweet sticky rice in banana leaves (khao tom mad), roasted rice crisps (khao kab), grilled eggs in banana baskets (khai pam), fruit juice, sweet rice in bamboo (khao lam), prickled pork (jinn som), fried bamboo worms (rod duan), rice noodles (kanom jeen), steamed rice mixed with blood (khao ngiew), and Lanna noodles in curry soup (khao soi). Sellers are adorned in ancient Lanna style dress and if the wedding party is held in a buffet or cocktail style, a food demonstration makes for an interesting addition. The demonstration can include a wide selection of food and desserts such as rice crisps (khao kriab wow), steamed rice cakes filled with sweet meat (khao kriab pak mor), spicy papaya salad (som tam), stir-fried noodles (phad thai), grilled chicken, sticky rice, Thai style coffee and whiskey.

The Khan Toke Banquet

A very popular way to for weeding party in northern Thailand is to enjoy a show of traditional dance and music while enjoying a selection of tasty Thai dishes served on platters known as khantokes. Also a great oppotunity to take interesting photographs of the stunning costumes of the performers. Menus will vary to include seasonal specialties and produce availability but will always include a mixture of the most popular Thai food stand-byes and traditional dishes of Lanna. A typical dinner may include Gaeng Hin Lay; sweet pork curry flavored with ginger, Yum Kai Muang/Gang Om; northern-style chicken curry, and fried pork. The staples are kap moo – crispy fried pork skins, sticky rice and for dipping is one or more varieties of nam prik(chilly dip) such as Nam Prik Noom; green chilly dip.

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